Little Flower Square

yarn---I have used Catania Cotton for mine, but you can use any yarn of your choice,
crochet hook --according to your yarn,
tapestry needle 

depends on your yarn choice-- mine is  approximately 9x9cm/ 3.5”x3,5"

Gauge:  not necessary 
Abbreviations: The pattern is written in US terms.
**        repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed
( )        work instructions within parenthesis as a set
slst:     slip stitch
sc:       single crochet
hdc:     half double crochet 
dc:       double crochet
ch sp:  chain space
ch:       chain
st:        stitch
Start with the little flower:

1. ch5 and join with slst to form a ring
2. ch1, 12 hdc into the ring, join with slst
3. ch3, skip 1st, 1sc into next st, *ch2, skip 1st, 1sc into next st*, go from *to* 5x around, join with slst       
4. change colour (ch2, 3dc, ch1, sc ) in any ch-sp, (sc, ch1, 3dc, ch1, sc) in the next 5 ch-sp, join with  slst
Making the square:

1. turn the flower and join a new colour by going through those two backbumps ---see pic1
2. ch 3, hdc into the same st, ch1, (hdc, ch1, hdc, ch1) into the next 5 backbumps [marked in pic2a], join with slst
3. ch2, 5 hdc [ make 1 hdc in ch1 sp, 1 hdc in next hdc, ....], ch2, * 6 hdc, ch2*, repeat from * to *  around, join with slst 

4. ch2, *6 hdc ,(2 hdc ,ch 2, 2 hdc) into ch 2 sp,  repeat from  * to* 3x around, 6 hdc, ( 2hdc, ch2, 1 hdc) into ch 2 sp, join with slst
5. ch2, 9 hdc ,(2 hdc ,ch 2, 2 hdc) into ch 2 sp, * 10 hdc, (2 hdc , ch 2 , 2 hdc) into ch 2 sp*, repeat 3x from  * to* , join with slst
6. ch2, 12 hdc ,(2 hdc ,ch 2, 2 hdc) into ch 2 sp, * 14 hdc, (2 hdc , ch2 , 2 hdc) into ch 2 sp*, repeat 3x from  * to* around,  hdc, join with slst

done :)
I hope you enjoyed making the square. If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact me!


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